Nowadays everyone using smartphones to update with the latest technology.Apple is trending technology giant by its security and privacy policies. Apple also provides a lot of latest apps with latest technologies but users are not satisfied with they think that why can't we make changes to customize the device with latest apps and themes.Is there any problem?.

Here is the solution that Apple doesn't allow you to customize your ios devices but if you want to customize your ios devices then you have to jailbreak your ios device.This is some complex issue whether to do or not.If you want to customize your ios device then Apple is not responsible for the guaranty of your device.Finally, if you want to customize your device then there are many apps are there with jailbreaking.Most of them think that this is not a good way to customize it.For them, there is a solution without jailbreaking ios device.

TweakBox is the solution for all the problems and it is the latest app store to customize your ios device without jailbreaking your ios device. By using this app you can download all paid apps for free.TweakBox is very popular to get many apps, themes and tweaks for free.

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